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In 2004 Saulius S. Lipčius and actress Virginija Kochanskytė, specially for the Tytuvėnai summer festival prepared a poetry/music programme, which after a while became known as "Romansero for the passing time". Romantic  writings accompanied by guitar sounds were recorded  on a CD "Romansero bėgančiam laikui". This programme visited most of Lithuania and for many years delighted  audiences across country with it's poetical and musical meditation.

from Tytuvėnai summer festival:<..>Classical guitar without any touch of equipment was perfectly sounding in a small inner court - surrounded by several hundred years old walls on the stone floor. The sound was unique. Listening to the subtle and lyrical sound of the guitar was disturbed only by a big blue fly, which came here with some reason and was desperately looking for something among almost 200 listeners (more audience would not fit here).<..>
Nijolė Saimininkienė, Muzikos barai 2004