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"While playing Villa-Lobos pieces, Saulius proved to be a musician of sensitive music feeling, with great ability of combining music style with the specifics of the instrument. I think these characteristics forecast him a great promise..."
"Muzikos Barai" 2003

"While playing excellent and technically clean, Saulius S. Lipčius proved once more to be a skilful musician."
"Literatūra ir menas" 2004

"Saulius S. Lipčius made some exquisite dynamic nuances,  effectively played  technical pieces, suggestively and meaningfully conveyd contemporary music. Especially successful were the  light-genre works, such as Francisco Tarrega “Polka”. <...> Saulius S. Lipčius' distinctive musical tenderness and sweetness was something that really stayed in memory."
"Muzikos Barai" 2004

"Accompanied by 23 guitars Saulius S. Lipčius played the popular A.Vivaldi Concert D-dur, RV 93. When the middle part of the Concert began, I have marked the only thing: "Heavenly sound"."
"7 Meno dienos" 2005